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Justus Blowin' Smoke OTDdSTDcs

Pedigree of:

Justus Blowin' Smoke STDcs OTDd DNA-VP
Blue Merle W (RF)

WTCH 45 Ranch Bull Tuff RTDs DNA-VP
Blue Merle W (RF)

WTCH The Bull of Twin Oaks CD RTDcs RDX DNA-VP
Blue Merle C/W (RF)

WTCH The Bear of Twin Oaks CD

Twin Oaks Wimpy P I

Ch Twin Oaks Spinner STDd

Twin Oaks Poky Cody STDs OTDcd DNA-CP

Twin Oaks Brandy PII CD DNA-CP
Twin Oaks Poco Lena CD

WTCH Windsongs Rip Rap DNA-CP
Blue Merle W

WTCH Little Spots Speckled Image

Little Spots Speckled Smokey

Elis Waltzing Matilda STDcs

WTCH Windsongs City Rhythm

Ch Powder Rivers City Slicker STDh OTDc ATDds
WTCH Windsongs Shenanigan CD

Cheers For Justus CDX STDc OTDsd DNA-CP
Black W (RF)

WTCH LasRocosa Pecosa Rojo RTDcs
Red Merle C/W

Ch Just Jake of Las Rocosa CD STDcs ATDd

Ch Stonehenge Justin Case of Las Rocosa CD

J Bar D Natchez Squaw

Las Rocosa L'Oreal STDc

Las Rocosa Lester CSD

Las Rocosa Cornflower STDc

WTCH Justus N Lucy McCain CDX RDX DNA-CP
Black W (RF)

WTCH Ch Windsongs Raisin Cain CD

Ch Copper Canyons Caligari CD

WTCH Twin Oaks Windsong CDX

WTCH Parrishs Illusion CD

Ch Slash V Easy Jet CD STDcsd

Parrishs Possum STDc OTDs ATDd

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