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Agility Leashes Quilts

Hi Tide Creations

Handcrafted, custom made leads and collars. 

Sample leashes  |  Leather, Beads & Hardware  |  Pricing

Jade Green and Whiskey kangaroo leather leash     kangaroo leather leash

Sally's leads/collars are made from kangaroo leather, which is stronger and softer
than other leathers, and are braided around a 100 lb. test core.  The core gives
more strength and less stretch to the lead.  With proper care, your lead/collar
will give you many years of use!  An occasional wipe down with a good leather
cleaner/conditioner (don't use oil!) will help keep it looking its best.

Most of her leads are custom made for clients, but she does occasionally have leads
 or collars for sale that she has pre-made.


ebay - hitide_2008

kangaroo leather leash     kangaroo leather leash

kangaroo leather leash     kangaroo leather leash

     kangaroo hide leash     White slip lead

kangaroo hide leash     kangaroo hide leash

You dream it, Sally will braid it!


Please contact Sally for further information or with your ideas.

Leather, Beads and Hardware

Colours of kangaroo hide laces - more can be ordered
Some of the leather colours available

Sally adds to her stock all the time, if you don't see the colour
 you are looking for, just ask her!  If she doesn't have it, chances are she can get it.

Snaps and o-rings
Snaps and O-rings

A small sample of the beads she has.
Sally is always looking for unique beads and collecting!


1/8" leather: 0" to 15" in length - $15.00
                        16" and up - $1.00 per inch

1 large cluster - add $8.00 per cluster
 2 small clusters - add $6.00 per 2 clusters
Custom beads (Pandora, Troll, lampwork, sterling silver, etc.) -

cost is per bead, and depends on what you want and how easy it is for us to get it!

To order, or for any questions, please contact Sally.

She is located in Victoria, British Columbia on the west coast of Canada.

At Hi Tide Kennels she strives for the complete Miniature Australian
Shepherd: excellent temperament, sound well-proportioned structure,
and biddable personality.  Her dogs are active in Obedience, Agility and
Herding, as well as being family pets.  She uses only positive reinforcement
and clicker training, and her dogs are fed a natural, raw food diet.

Please feel free to e-mail her to find out more about her dogs,
her training classes, upcoming litters, etc. at    

Or phone her, Sally Keats, at (250) 704-9215

Website:  http://members.shaw.ca/hitide/home.htm



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