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I, the undersigned seller certify that on this date ______________, have sold the Australian Shepherd:

Litter Registration Number ______________ Whelped _____________________

Sex ____ M____ F, Color ________________________________________________

Eye Color______________________________

Sire:______________________________________________  Reg.No._____________

Dam:_____________________________________________  Reg.No._____________

to the Buyer with the following conditions of sale:

Sale price _____________ 

Breeding__________   Non-breeding_________

Less deposit _____________

Balance _____________**Subject to





From the time my pups are born they are handled by all members of my family. I feel that this early handling and socializing, plays an important role in the development of their selectively bred intelligence and temperament. This handling, I believe, cements these desirable social traits in my dogs, that will last a life time. Because of our early socializing I feel confident that my dogs will be neither vicious nor will they be shy. Your pup with the proper handling and training will become not only your best friend, but a loyal irreplaceable worker.

The health of this pup/dog is excellent to the best of my knowledge and belief at the time of sale. The required vaccinations and wormings are as indicated on the health record attached. However, I advise the Buyer to have a competent licensed veterinarian of his/her own choice,
examine the pup/dog within 72 hours of receiving it. If the veterinarian finds the pup/dog in poor health, the pup/dog may be returned to me at the expense of the Buyer, unless another arrangements are mutually agreed upon.

The dog must be x-rayed between the ages of 24-26 months and have x-ray sent to the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals, know as OFA, a copy of the report to be sent to the Seller. If the dog has be used for breeding before it has been x-rayed and cleared by OFA, this guarantee in its entirety is null and void.

I will replace the dog as soon as possible, with one of equal value to the dog as it was at the time of purchase. Should the Buyer prefer to
retain said dog, Seller agrees upon a veterinarian's notification that the dog has been spayed/neutered, refund the difference - to "pet price"

Non-breeding/Pet price is used only for above condition, and pet price is $850.00

Non-breeding/Pet means no pups may be produced by this dog, either male or female.

I reserve the right for one stud right to any dog I own, co-own, and/or lease.

Any hereditary*defect which is diagnosed by a licensed veterinarian, subject to the following conditions (*defect described as crippling or affecting the quality of life for the dog)
- A written report must be furnished to the Seller by an examining veterinarian.
- A second evaluation by a licensed veterinarian of the Seller's choice, at the Seller's expense, could be required.
- Should the two opinions fail to concur the opinion of a third mutually agreed upon veterinarian shall be sought with the expense equally shared by Buyer and Seller.

Replacement/refund is contingent upon return of the dog accompanied by a written diagnosis from examining veterinarian(s) within thirty
days from date of diagnosis. All transportation costs incurred for original dog and replacement dog are the responsibility of the Buyer.

If Buyer should decide to sell the dog, you will give Seller first option to buy it back - price determined by physical and mental condition and degree of training. This is only an option and Seller may decline.

The Buyer agrees to take proper care of the pup/dog to insure its health and welfare, including properly balanced nutrition and shelter, regular grooming, care of teeth and nails, routine training and vaccinations. The Buyer further agrees to never let the pup/dog roam free and out of immediate control.

Deposits - pup MUST be chosen by 2 weeks, if I think the pup  will not match your needs a refund will be issued, within 30 days.

Pup must be picked up by 8 weeks, unless other arrangements are made.Non-breeding /pet pup, must be picked up by the new owner, if other arrangements need to be made, full breeding price is to be paid.  I'm tired of chasing new owners to sign forms.

All pups shipped will pay full breeding price

I have read the above conditions of sale. I understand and agree to all of the above conditions of sale, as indicated by the signature below.

Buyer's signature ______________________________________________________

Buyer ____________________________________ Phone _______________________

Address __________________________________ City _________________________

P/C ______________________________________

Seller's signature _____________________________________________________

Date _____________________________________



(780) 992-1576


Please note:  I, no longer take dogs back...I will try to help re-home your dog



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