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Spinoff's Wild Goose Chase

Pedigree of:

Spinoff's Wild Goose Chase
HooDoo's Spirit of Spinoff Coronados Exclusive Sensation DNA-CP
Blue C/W RF

WTCH Mistrettas Bandito Ballou CD RTDsc DNA-CP
Blue C/W
Mistrettas Shadow Hawk DNA-CP
Mistrettas Mountain Flower DNA-CP
Can-Ams Calais of Mistretta
Black C/W
WTCH Mistrettas Painted Lizard RTDs DNA-CP
Mistrettas Calico Minx
Spinoffs Cleopatra JS-N DNA-VP
Black W

Overlands Maximum Security GS-N JS-O DNA-CP
Black W
Overland Aceinthehole Atcarat
Overlands Blue Ice
Four Zs Na Key To Spinoff DNA-CP
Blue C/W
Chakulas Dusty Shades of Blue
Twin Oaks Rhea Raelynn STDcds
Keep Smiling As Kaos Unfolds Sobelkustens Morten Britse
Black W
Netop Be Forwarned
Red Merle W 
War Paint of Imagineer STDcs
Justus Rustlin Ruby CD STDds
Diamond Bluff Modesty Blaise
Black C/W
Ch Howards Wanagi-Ishna Ghosteyes
Sundew Spirit of Diamond Aire STDs DNA-VP
Jar Honey Melone
Red W

Malpasos Timber of Los Suenos DNA-VP
Black W
WTCH Ch Malpasos Chaps'n Spurs RTDcs DNA-VP
Ch Los Suenos Walk of Fame STDs DNA-VP
Las Rocosa Shes the One Itchy DNA-VP
Red C/W 

Las Rocosa Tsunami Bull DNA-CP
Las Rocosa Molly Brown DNA-CP

Full dentition, scissor bite
DOB 08/24/00 

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